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Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3rd Edition PDF

Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Medical terminology is the key to unlocking a whole new world of knowledge. This knowledge will empower you to communicate on a highly technical level about medical disorders, disease processes, surgical procedures, and treatments. You will learn terms that will allow you to read and interpret medical terms in reports, charts, and other health care environments. This text has been developed to provide you—the learner—with the skills you need to become an effective communicator in the highly technical world of medicine. Once you learn that medical terms have many interchangeable parts, you will realize that learning medical terms is not as difficult as you might have thought. Couple this with the appropriate word building rules and you are on your way to expanding your vocabulary by hundreds of new medical words! Textbook Organization First, you should familiarize yourself with the organization of this textbook and any supplementary materials that may be available to you such as the StudyWAREtm CDROM and Audio CDs. Some of the key points regarding the organization follow.

The textbook begins with Chapter 1, Word Building Rules. It is important that you understand how word elements (parts) are put together to make up the many different medical terms. This knowledge will enable you to build words you have never seen before, simply by knowing the meaning of the word elements and the appropriate way of putting the elements together to form a medical term. Always remember that if you get confused on word building skills, you can return to Chapter 1 for guidance. Chapters 2 through 4 concentrate on the basics of medical terminology: prefixes, suffixes, and whole body terminology. Chapters 5 through 24 concentrate on body systems and specialty areas of practice. The body systems are arranged in basically the same order as most anatomy and physiology textbooks. This seems to be the most logical approach to keeping the thought processes moving in an orderly pattern, by working from the outside of the body inward. Chapter Organization The basic organization for all applicable body systems and specialty chapters includes the following elements: chapter content, key competencies, anatomy and physiology, vocabulary, word elements, pathological conditions, diagnostic techniques, treatments and procedures, common abbreviations, written and audio terminology review, and chapter review exercises.

Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download, Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3rd Edition PDF Ebook Free