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Conservative Infertility Management PDF

Conservative Infertility Management PDF Free Download

Conservative Infertility Management PDF Free Download

The aim of this book is to fill the gap between the standard textbooks of obstetrics & gynecology – which do not cover (conservative) infertility treatment – and the specialized textbooks on ART – which don’t address topics such as ovulation induction/IUI and the typical treatment of disorders associated with infertility, such as hyperandrogenism and endometriosis.

In many countries, the management of infertility treatment is not done by IVF specialists but by general gynecologists or primary health practitioners. In most countries, specific training and/or a license is required to do ‘invasive’ infertility treatments, such as IVF/ICSI; however, conservative or semi-conservative treatments – such as IUI with or without ovulation induction – can be done without specific training/licensing.

This concise, clinically oriented handbook is predominantly written for gynecologists, primary health practitioners, and medical students who want to improve their knowledge on this aspect of their work. Furthermore the aim is to highlight which types of disorders may be treated by conservative means and which types of disorder should be treated by invasive treatment options such as IVF/ICSI.

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