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Coronary Graft Failure 2016 PDF

Coronary Graft Failure 2016 PDF: State of the Art

Coronary Graft Failure 2016 PDF
Author Ion C. Ţintoiu
File size 31.66 MB
Year 2016
Pages 745
Language English
File format PDF
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Coronary artery bypass surgery has been developed since 1960s to overcome proximal coronary artery disease. Worldwide the number of patients that are undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery is steadily increasing. Depending on diverse risk factors one fifth of grafts are occluded at 1 year. For the remaining graft patency last usually 8–15 years. This book brings together the main specialists in the field to review the current evidence on epidemiology pathophysiology diagnostic new imaging techniques and specific therapeutic modalities. This volume aims to update a complex subject represented by coronary graft failure. The authors of this monograph are interventional cardiologists cardiovascular surgeons and research scientists who will be creating four parts and 71 chapters that are divided in order to give a uniform interpretation of this condition including all aspects of coronary graft failure This book not only provides the most up-to-dated scientific evidence in the field but in a two-step manner. Each chapter is divided into a at a glance part that reflects the basic evidence on the topic and a “full picture” part that brings all what the advanced reader should be brought with.

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