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Dance Medicine in Practice PDF

Dance Medicine in Practice PDF Free Download

Dance Medicine in Practice PDF Free Download

Dance Medicine in Practice is the complete physical textbook for dance, written specifically to help dancers understand the anatomy, function and care of their bodies.

Specific chapters are devoted to focusing on the spine, pelvis, hips, knees, feet, shoulders and arms. Each of these covers the following key aspects:

  • Anatomy: bone structure, musculature, and function. How each part of the body moves and how it responds under pressure
  • Pitfalls: Common examples of bad practice and the effect that these can have on the body
  • Self Analysis: How to become aware of and muscle groups and the capacity of each joint.
  • Injury Prevention: Tips and advice on how to best avoid and prevent injury both in training and everyday life
  • Exercises: Simple and effective methods of strengthening, mobilising and relaxing joints and muscles
  • Checklists: Dos and Don’ts for the best dance technique.

The best dancers know that looking after their bodies is the key to their success, and Dance Medicine in Practice also covers how to ensure the best possible nutrition, plan and manage training schedules, and ensure that injuries are kept to a minimum both in frequency and impact. It is the best possible companion to a life in dance.

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