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Dental Anatomy and Physiology PDF

Dental Anatomy and Physiology PDF Free Download
Dental Anatomy and Physiology PDF

In order for the Army to utilize its professional dental staff to the utmost, a carefully organized dental service system providing technical and administrative support for that professional staff is necessary. Dental specialists and other auxiliary personnel play very important roles in making this possible. A dental officer working with an efficient assistant can provide better and substantially more dental care than can one working alone. An additional significant increase in capabilities is shown among dental officers having the support of two or more auxiliary personnel. The subcourses in the series for dental assistants and dental laboratory specialists are not designed to turn out completely trained personnel. This can be accomplished only in conjunction with close supervision in an on-the-job training status. The subcourses are designed to provide a review for personnel working in the dental area and provide basic fundamentals and techniques for personnel interested in the auxiliary dental fields. This subcourse presents a general discussion of basic sciences related to the technical procedures in dentistry. It includes the principles of anatomy and physiology and dental anatomy. Subcourse Components: The subcourse instructional material consists of four lessons as follows: Lesson 1, Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. Lesson 2, The Skull and Jaws. Lesson 3, Topography of the Mouth and Tooth Structures. Lesson 4, Dental Anatomy.

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