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Dental Autopsy PDF

Dental Autopsy PDF Free Download

Dental Autopsy PDF Free Download

The most advanced and complete forensic dentistry resource of its kind, this volume provides essential guidance in all areas of forensics odontologly. It supplies medical examiners and forensic investigators with the detailed information needed to perform their work with the highest level of authority in the dental autopsy lab, the field, and the courtroom.

  • Learn complete autopsy protocols from the world’s top experts
  • Build conclusive proof with bitemark evidence
  • Preserve the chain of custody for critical evidence; keep unimpeachable records
  • Build and present compelling cases in court
  • Learn to work with diverse agencies
  • Establish your reputation with authoritative, irrefutable testimony

Developed by two of the nation’s most preeminent dental forensic examiners

  • Protocols for every classification of dental remains, including fresh, decomposed, and skeletal
  • Proven methods for handling identifications in mass disasters
  • Courtroom guidelines established by the American Board of Forensic Odontologists

This comprehensive volume, organized for field and lab reference, is enhanced with more than 300 color photos. It is an essential resource for medical examiners, investigators, dental specialists, lawyers, and expert witnesses.

About the Authors

Dr. William Silver is the deputy chief forensic odontologist for the Miami Dade Medical Examiner’s Department. He has worked on numerous mass disasters and training programs, offering his expertise in dental identifications in the World Trade Center disaster, Hurricane Katrina, and the Miami Valujet crash.

Dr. Richard Souviron is the chief forensic odontologist for the Miami Dade Medical Examiner’s Department and is one of the founding forensic odontologists for the Odontology section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He has been involved in several high profile bitemark cases and has appeared on Court TV, 60 Minutes, Forensic Files, Dateline, CNN, and BBC.

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