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Dental Management of Sleep Disorders PDF

Dental Management of Sleep Disorders PDF Free Download
Dental Management of Sleep Disorders PDF

Approximately 50–70 million people in the United States are chronic sufferers from sleep disorders, who have impaired health and daily functioning issues as a result of those disorders. The societal economic impact of sleep disorders is estimated at $16 billion annually for health care expenses and $50 billion annually regarding lost productivity. Sleep disorders are considered to be one of the most common health problems, and yet it has been demonstrated that between 82 and 98% of adults with sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD) are undiagnosed. As it relates to the recognition of health issues, the role of the dentist as well as auxiliary staff is becoming more apparent. No longer is the dentist solely relegated to only the management of dental structures and dentalrelated conditions. The dentist now has an ever-increasing role in the recognition of a patient who may be at risk for a sleep disorder. Epidemiologic data support the increasing awareness of the relationship of sleep disorders and other health issues. Clinical treatment and decision making now emphasize sound evidence based on documentation that relies on wellresearched epidemiologic studies to assist in determining the coexistence of a sleep disorder, which in turn is impacting the health of a patient. The dentist is more significant in comanaging these SRBD patients, especially those with snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Not only does the dental practitioner have the opportunity to recognize a potential sleep disorder issue in their patients, but he or she also has the opportunity to interact with the sleep medicine field through both the referral and the provision of oral appliance therapy when indicated.

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