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Dental Practice Get in the Game PDF

Dental Practice Get in the Game PDF Free Download

Dental Practice Get in the Game PDF Free Download

Today, dental school graduates must be prepared to survive in a world of managed care, complicated tax scenarios, and complex business arrangements. In short, they need some business acumen. This book is written for senior dental students and recent graduates on the verge of entering the exciting and sometimes bewildering business of dental practice. The contributors, all of whom have experience in both private practice ownership and practice management education, offer advice and practical information to help new dentists start a successful career, without overwhelming them with business jargon and financial minutiae best left to accountants and business advisors. The introductory chapter helps readers examine their goals and objectives to determine their ideal career path. Subsequent chapters address issues such as finding a first job, purchasing or starting a new practice, insuring a practice and oneself, communicating with patients and staff, understanding basic financial aspects of dental practice, complying with regulations, managing managed care, and formulating a business plan. An invaluable resource for dental school students and graduates seeking the basic tools necessary to be knowledgeable consumers of professional advice.


1. Choosing a Path
2. Finding a Job
3. Purchasing a Practice
4. Starting a New Practice
5. Insuring Your Practice and Yourself
6. Communicating Effectively in Dental Practice
7. Understanding Basic Finances
8. Complying with Dental Practice Regulations
9. Managing Managed Care
10. Designing a Business Plan

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  • Dental Practice Get in the Game PDF
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