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Dentistry for Lawyers

Dentistry for Lawyers

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The first task of any aspiring professional is to become acquainted with the terminology of the chosen subject. When the need arises to understand and discuss problems in another professional field it is inevitably the new terminology that forms the largest barrier to communication and which may lead to misunderstanding. Claims of negligence against the professions have been increasing over the last few years. Lawyers increasingly have to deal with the subject of dental surgery in its widest sense. This requires a basic understanding not only of the terminology but of the scope of the profession its relationships and its organisations. The aim of this book is to provide a the reader with a basic explanation of the terms used and the procedures carried out by dental surgeons. It further provides an outline of the necessary sciences relevant to dentistry and of the organisation of dental practice. It is hoped that with this book lawyers will be able to understand both terminology and procedures used in all aspects of dentistry. This work is not included to be a comprehensive textbook of which there are many for each area of dentistry. It provides a guide for those who find themselves involved in dento-legal work and wish to gain some knowledge and understanding of the dental profession and the range of treatment in and around the oro-facial complex.