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Diabetes Control in Your Hands PDF

Diabetes Control in Your Hands PDF Free Download

Diabetes Control in Your Hands PDF Free Download

Much has been written about the explosion of diabetes on the world stage – the 4,000 new cases a day we all know about, the millions of people unaware they have diabetes. But another epidemic is lurking. A silent shadow epidemic of diabetic patients who are identified and being treated, but for a variety of reasons have lost control and are slowly getting sicker and sicker with each passing day. You know who you are. This book is written for you: the previously diagnosed diabetic who has lost the edge, fallen off the wagon, or has lost hope and given up altogether.

This book will give you control over your diabetes again. Its charter is to remind you of the things you forgot, update you on the things that have changed, and teach you the things you never learned. It’s jam-packed with information, but it’s written in an easy-to-read, conversational style laced with humor. We’ll deal with the nuts and bolts of diabetes, the complications, and the medications. We’ll help you navigate the minefield of family, society, and economy. We’ll give you, the out-of-control diabetic, the tools of knowledge and insight you need not just to survive, but to thrive. So now you understand our title.

To be a born-again diabetic is not a religious experience. Rather, it is simply accepting what is and taking control again. Of diabetes. Of health. Of life.

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