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Diabetic Cardiology PDF : (Practical Diabetes)

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With cardiovascular disease becoming the most common cause of deathin people with diabetes, interest in the assessment and treatmentof heart disease in these patients has been reawakened. Thisbook examines developing topics from a largely cardiologicalperspective, covering both pharmacological andnon-pharmacological interventions.

The DIGAMI study on the use of intravenous insulin infusion atthe time of myocardial infarction (MI) has stimulated a largenumber of discussion papers on the best treatment of MI in thediabetic patient. The UKPDS has shown that treatment of Type 2diabetes does not reduce cardiovascular end-points significantly,but that aggressive treatment of blood pressure can do so. Inaddition, sub-group analysis from several large cardiovasculartrials has shown that treatment with statins, anti-platelettherapy, ACE inhibitors and other drugs will also reducecardiovascular events in people with diabetes.

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