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Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Training Manual PDF

Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Training Manual PDF : Insights from 150 Case Studies

Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Training Manual  PDF Free Download

This title is NOT just another image atlas.
This title REALLY is a book to train your skills reading and understanding sonograms of breast.

from “Foreword”
…. in the world of healthcare, the practice of many doctors has been built on the same culture of quality as an art form. Especially in the field of morphology, ultrasound image diagnosis is possibly the most reliant on this: practitioners base their judgment on naked-eye impressions of sonograms that are not clearly quantified. This requires the intuition and sensitivity to spot elusive clues and give an image reading…. In order to master image diagnosis, there is only one possible method: building experience with many case studies.
As such, this manual presents numerous case studies set out in problem format. When first examining a case, please look closely at the set of two sonograms on the page displaying their corresponding case study number. Once you’ve come up with your own image reading, see the commentary page….
…. It is my eternal hope that under the care of all who read this manual, many patients will be saved.

“Case Study Structure”
Each case study is divided into a case study information page and a case study review page.

“Case Study Information Page Content”
1. Age and Gender
This is all the patient information given; there is no family history, medical history, or any other examination data available. However, the most important clue to diagnosing diseases of the mammary gland is age. Accordingly, I believe the above two pieces of information are sufficient as a hint for making an image reading.
2. Ultrasound Images
Two ultrasound images are presented in each case study. As a rule, they depict the largest cross-sectional area of a lesion and another cross-section orthogonal to this. In some cases, there are also images that show different areas to these; this is a hint in itself.

“Case Study Review Page Content”
3. Ultrasound Images (with Annotation)
As a rule, ultrasound images showing the largest mass cross section are annotated. Alternatively, an annotated ultrasound image may show a cross section that best captures a lesion’s characteristics, or indicate an image reading that needs to be commented on in the review section.
4. Image Reading
Firstly, the location of a lesion and its size are noted. If immeasurable or unnecessary, the size of a lesion is omitted. Image readings do not consist of diagnostic criteria listed in verbatim; they mainly give observations that are important in the diagnosis of a lesion.
5. Diagnosis

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