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Did You Know PDF

Did You Know PDF Free Download

Did You Know PDF Free Download

Bringing nature, science, history, and geography to life with 3-D digital illustrations, Did You Know? is a first reference book for elementary grade students.

Focusing on what children actually want to know about all of their favorite subjects including dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, weather, science, ancient civilizations and more, the question and answer format makes it appealing and approachable for kids 6-8 years old. Questions like “Why does it rain?”, “Which animals have houses?”, “What was a gladiator?” and more are answered with clear, accessible text and eye-catching CGI artwork, photographs, diagrams, and more.

With over 500 images and 192 pages of content, Did You Know? is the perfect tome to sharpen the minds of young readers.

Supports the Common Core State Standards.

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  • Did You Know PDF
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