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Diet and Nutrition PDF

Diet and Nutrition PDF Free Download

Diet and Nutrition PDF Free Download

Diet & Nutrition is a holistic and comprehensive overview of the Eastern and Western perspectives of nutrition. Years ahead of its time upon publication, this modern classic continues to be the go-to wellness resource for teachers, physicians, and scholars of nutrition and holistic health.

This eye-opening text on healthy living brings the ageless insights of the East together with the modern scientific discoveries of the West. The facts are presented clearly and precisely, providing the reader with an in-depth understanding and practical approach to what is otherwise a complex and confusing subject.

All students of health and nutrition will find their particular interests addressed in this comprehensive volume. This ideal reference guide will help you explore:

  • The history of dietary patterns in America
  • Advice on how to plan a balanced diet
  • Insight on the effects of food and eating habits on the mind and emotions
  • The ayurvedic approach to diet
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