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Disordered Pharmaceutical Materials PDF

Disordered Pharmaceutical Materials PDF Free Download

Disordered Pharmaceutical Materials PDF Free Download

A one-stop resource for researchers, developers, and post graduate students in pharmaceutical science. This handbook and ready reference provides detailed, but not overloaded information — presenting the topic without unnecessarily complex formalism.
As such, it gives a systematic and coherent overview of disordered materials for pharmaceutical applications, covering fundamental aspects, as well as preparation and characterization techniques for the target-oriented development of drug delivery systems based on disordered crystals and amorphous solids. Special attention is paid to examine the different facets and levels of disorder in their structural and dynamic aspects as well as the effect of disorder on dissolution and stability. Chapters on processing induced disorder and on patenting issues round off the book. As a result the book helps overcoming the challenges of using these materials in the pharmaceutical industry.
For pharmaceutical and medicinal chemists, materials scientists, clinical physicists, and pharmaceutical laboratories looking to make better and more potent pharmaceuticals.

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  • Disordered Pharmaceutical Materials PDF
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