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Drug Transporters 2nd Edition PDF

Drug Transporters 2nd Edition PDF : Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug Disposition

Drug Transporters 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

This new edition overviews drug transporters and presents theprinciples of drug transport and associated techniques, featuringnew chapters on multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins, placentaltransport,  in silico approaches in drug discovery, andregulatory guidance for drug transport studies in drugdevelopment.

• Describes drug transporter families, mechanisms,and clinical implications along with experimental methods forstudying and characterizing drug transporters
• Includes new chapters on multidrug and toxin extrusionproteins, placental transport and in silico approaches in drugdiscovery
• Has a new chapter covering regulatory guidance for theevaluation of drug transport in drug development with globalcriteria used for drug transporters in clinical trials
• Arranges material to go from fundamental mechanisms toclinical outcomes, making the book useful for novice and expertreaders

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