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Dry Eye Disease PDF

Dry Eye Disease PDF Free Download

Dry Eye Disease PDF Free Download

Dry eye disease is one of the most common and debilitating eye problems. Patients have been specifically searching for information on successful new treatments that go beyond lid scrubs, warm compresses, and artificial tears. Dr. Toyos has been one of the leaders in the field of treatment for several years. His invention of Intense Pulse Light for dry eye disease is now used by top centers throughout the world. His innovations have won awards from UNESCO and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He has tackled some of the most difficult dry eye cases, providing relief when other remedies have failed. He continues to innovate and collaborate with experts in several biotech fields to advance his passion to conquer this disease. In this book, Dr. Toyos focuses the reader on the treatments that have been proven to work, while discarding all of the ideas that have failed but continue to be tried by novices. He gives you a clear picture of what is available now and a glimpse of what is possible in the near future. All proceeds from this book go to the Toyos Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Toyos Clinic to provide free medical care to the underinsured.

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  • Dry Eye Disease PDF
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