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Dust Allergy Cause & Concern PDF

Dust Allergy Cause & Concern PDF Free Download

Dust Allergy Cause & Concern PDF Free Download

This book discusses the Indian scenario concerning dust allergy presenting case studies that reveal the practical aspects of allergies. A gradual increase in the incidence and prevalence of different allergic manifestations has been reported from various parts of the world including several developing countries like India where the problem has recently surfaced due to the unplanned urbanization rapid industrialization metamorphic changes in the environment and increased air pollution as well as changes in life style particularly the adoption of Western life styles and eating habits in the name of so-called modern living. The book is divided into the following chapters: Allergy – what is it? Allergy – Fact File; Possible allergens in our surroundings; Mechanism of allergic reaction; House dust allergy – an environmental enigma ; The mighty mites; Dermatophagoides – the potent indoor allergen ; Dust mite allergy – evaluation procedure; House dust allergy – an Indian perspective ; House dust allergy in Kolkata – a case study; Allergy & heredity; Allergic manifestations; Diagnostic procedures; and Treatment & prevention.

  • Dust Allergy Cause & Concern PDF Free Download,
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  • Dust Allergy Cause & Concern PDF
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