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Elementary Medical Biophysics PDF

Elementary Medical Biophysics PDF Free Download

Elementary Medical Biophysics PDF Free Download

The spectacular development in the field of technology over the past decade or two has also had a marked influence on medical science. This influence not only affects the medical researcher, medical student and general practitioner, but also the nurse and indeed all persons concerned with paramedical disciplines. To provide for the needs of our nursing students, an elementary course in medical biophysics was introduced. Generally speaking, the course met with so much approval that it was decided to make it available in book form. As the title suggests, it is no more than an elementary description of the most important biophysical concepts. We realise only too well that attempting to keep the course elementary may lead to scientific misconceptions. However, we trust that the positive value of our efforts outweighs the shortcomings.

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  • Elementary Medical Biophysics PDF
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