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Emergency Management 2nd Edition PDF

Emergency Management 2nd Edition PDF Free Download: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs

Emergency Management 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Shortly after the publication of the first edition of this book, I accepted an invitation from Dr. Wayne Blanchard at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to give a short presentation on the book at the annual Emergency Management Higher Education Program conference in Emmitsburg, Maryland. I was stunned to find myself on stage at a plenary session with Dr. Claire Rubin on one side and Dr. Russell Dynes on the other. The contributions of these two individuals to the discipline of emergency management are almost legendary, and to find that my book was considered worthy of being included in a discussion of their new works was humbling and, frankly, a bit frightening. Anyone who has authored a book knows that authors are very aware of the shortcomings of their books. There are things you wish you had included, things you wish you had said differently, and things you just got plain wrong. I am no different, and I still cringe when I read parts of the first edition. Consequently, when the opportunity arose to revise my book for a second edition, I jumped at the chance. Maybe, I should have tested the water before jumping in. Emergency management is based on the concept of continuous improvement. This makes it a very dynamic field that is constantly evolving.

Each disaster, and there have been many since my book was first published in 2007, presents us with new challenges and new solutions. We learn from our experiences and revise our strategies. This dynamic change is reflected in evolving national strategies, strategies that I am gratified to see incorporate some of the concepts I espoused in the first edition of this book. There have been significant changes in the academic world as well, as emergency management has come into its own as an academic discipline. With the increase in higher education programs and the number of doctoral candidates, we have seen the emergence of academic journals devoted to emergency management and an increase in the volume of research on emergency management issues. Much of this work is being done by a new generation of researchers who are dedicated to this new discipline of emergency management

Emergency Management 2nd Edition PDF Free Download, Emergency Management 2nd Edition PDF Ebook Free