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EMS Supervisor Principles and Practice PDF

EMS Supervisor Principles and Practice PDF Free Download

EMS Supervisor Principles and Practice PDF Free Download
The field of emergency medical services (EMS) is continuously evolving to keep up with advances in prehospital patient care, exceed customer expectations, ensure that the EMS organization is well positioned to manage operational and administrative issues, and improve how officers manage and lead personnel. EMS officers must stay informed within this continuously changing landscape and must remain well positioned to make any necessary adjustments. It is critical that, once promoted, the EMS officer begin to understand that he or she will need to become very familiar with not only the prehospital aspect of EMS, but what is needed to ensure that the organization or division will remain viable in offering its services. EMS officers must be prepared to execute their management and leadership abilities within all levels of the organization.

Although the emphasis of this text is on the newly promoted EMS manager, it can also benefit other front- line EMS officers, and can even serve as a template for any organizational leader in a non-EMS business environment. Although it is important to embrace the traditions of public safety and their origins, organizational leaders must not overlook the importance of promoting a business-culture mindset within their EMS organization. Today’s EMS leaders must realize that fire and EMS organizations are in the service delivery business—yes, business. Therefore, the goal for every organizational leader and the members of the EMS organization must be to embrace a business-culture mindset that will maximize positive organizational outcomes, both operationally and administratively.

EMS Supervisor Principles and Practice PDF Free Download, EMS Supervisor Principles and Practice PDF Ebook Free