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Endodontic Radiology 2nd Edition PDF

Endodontic Radiology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Endodontic Radiology 2nd Edition PDF

Radiology is an indispensable tool in endodontic practice and provides the clinician with information that is not otherwise accessible. It is also an ever-expanding field driven exponentially by constant changes in technology. It is for these reasons that this textbook, devoted to achieving a mastery of radiographic techniques and understanding in radiographic interpretation as applied to endodontic, is of particular importance to those who teach, study, and practice in this field. There has been only one textbook dedicated entirely to endodontic radiology that has been published up to now, Radiologia en Endodoncia, by my father, Professor Emeritus Dr. Enrique Basrani (1928–2001) in collaboration with his colleagues, Dr. Teresa Cañete and Dr. Ana Blank. Published in Spanish in 2001, it gained wide academic acceptance in many Spanish-speaking countries. This English revised version on the same topic both fills an academic void for those who practice endodontics in non-Spanish-speaking countries and satisfies my personal wish to continue the work originally undertaken by my father. Radiologia en Endodoncia was his sixth and last book. He was a pioneer of our specialty, internationally recognized for his ability to inspire and motivate others to love what he loved: The art of endodontics. Now, eleven years after his untimely death, he is still remembered by his colleagues, peers, and students for his unique vision and passion for knowledge. The field of endodontic imaging is changing and expanding rapidly, and it is for this reason that several chapters incorporating the application of the newer technologies and the information gained through them have been included in this edition. This book is not intended to cover in detail every aspect of dental radiology; its purpose is directed toward improving endodontic treatment outcomes by identifying and expanding the link between endodontic practice and radiographic imaging. Clarity in endodontics is comprehended through the shadows. As Leonard Cohen put it: “That’s how the light gets in.” Enjoy the book, and I welcome your feedback at any time.

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