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Epilepsy Board Quick Review PDF

Epilepsy Board Quick Review PDF Free Download

Epilepsy Board Quick Review PDF Free Download

Engel’s Epilepsy Board Quick Review: Selected Tables and Figures from Seizures and Epilepsy will utilize 86 tables and 47 black and white figures from the “parent book” to provide a quick guide for anyone preparing for the boards. In addition to serving as a board-review guide, this will also be a handy pocket guide for any physician interested in a quick reference to drug tables, signs and symptoms, and other unusual facets of child or adult presenting with seizures.

Seizures and Epilepsy, Second Edition has quickly reasserted itself as a modern classic and comprehensive textbook covering a broad range of both basic and clinical epileptology. Singly authored by Dr. Engel, this must-read text appeals to basic scientists who are interested in learning more about clinical epileptology, as well as clinicians who would like to understand more about fundamental mechanisms will find this text useful. This quick reference guide retains all of the benefits of the classic, in a pared down and easily manageable guide.

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  • Epilepsy Board Quick Review PDF
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