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Essentials of Nursing Research 8th Edition PDF

Essentials of Nursing Research 8th Edition PDF : Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice

Essentials of Nursing Research 8th Edition PDF Free Download
This publication marks the eighth time we have worked on this textbook, its accompanying Study Guide for Essentials of Nursing Research, and student learning ancillaries and instructor teaching materials available on . This integrated learning–teaching package is designed to teach students how to read and critique research reports and to appreciate the application of research findings to nursing practice. We continue to enjoy immensely our job of developing a suite of educational tools that convey the important innovations in research methodology while providing updates on nurse researchers’ use of new methods. We are confident that we have introduced numerous improvements to both the content and organization of the text—but at the same time, we have retained many features that have made this book a classic throughout the world. We think that this book and its student resources on , along with the additional activities provided in its accompanying print Study Guide, will make it easier and more satisfying for nurses to pursue a professional pathway that incorporates thoughtful appraisals of evidence. Legacy of Essentials of Nursing Research This edition, like its predecessors, is focused on the art—and science—of research critiques. It offers guidance to students who are learning to appraise research reports and use research findings in practice.

Among the basic principles that helped to shape this and earlier editions of this book are: 1. An assumption that competence in doing and appraising research is critical to the nursing profession 2. A conviction that research inquiry is intellectually and professionally rewarding to nurses 3. An unswerving belief that learning about research methods need be neither intimidating nor dull

Essentials of Nursing Research 8th Edition PDF Free Download, Essentials of Nursing Research 8th Edition PDF Ebook Free