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Ethical Health Informatics PDF

Ethical Health Informatics PDF Free Download

Ethical Health Informatics PDF Free Download

Ethical Health Informatics: Challenges and Opportunities, Third Edition (formerly titled Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information) is an invaluable resource for students and practitioners across the health disciplines as well as Information Technology and business students.
The Third Edition is an in-depth revision that incorporates scenarios and ethical decision-making matrices that challenge the reader to determine the best course of ethical action for Health Information Management (HIM), nurses, administrators, and IT professionals. Each chapter includes coverage of selected critical legal issues in the management of health information.
The Third Edition introduces chapters on professional values and the code of ethics; ethical decision-making guidelines and tools; as well as privacy and confidentiality. It also includes chapters on compliance, fraud, and abuse; the uses of information for coding, quality management, research, public health, and clinical care at the end of life; and the electronic health record and digital health information systems for patients, consumers, and caregivers. Additionally, the Third Edition discusses information security; integrated delivery systems; management of sensitive information (genetic, adoption, drug, alcohol, sexual, and behavioral information); and management and leadership, vendor management, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

This edition offers several new chapters:

• Data Analytics: implications for providers, patients and administrators
• Longitudinal Coordinated Care: includes the role of the patient as a member of the healthcare team
• Information Technology and Biomedical Instrumentation
• Information Governance and Management
• Future Implications: anticipating ethical issues

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