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Evidence-Based Dentistry PDF Free Download

Evidence-Based Dentistry PDF Free Download


During the years spent as a dental student and while practising as a dentist, it is important to be able to identify risk factors and causes of disease and to assess whether methods of detection, prevention and treatment are effective or not. Throughout their careers, dentists need to know where to obtain information on the management and treatment of patients and interpret this information correctly. They also need to keep abreast of new developments and techniques. Combining this knowledge with clinical experience is essentially evidence-based dentistry. Information can be found in research articles in journals, in textbooks and in reports from professional bodies. There is, however, an abundance of published research and it can be difficult for the student or dentist to interpret articles and decide whether these would be useful in their work.The ability to do this is central to practising evidence-based dentistry and this book aims to provide an introduction to understanding and interpreting research papers. Several textbooks are available on evidence-based medicine and they discuss issues that are also relevant to evidence-based dentistry. They tend to concentrate on giving an overview of the topic and its underlying purpose, rather than the basic understanding of the interpretation of research results. The intention of this book is to develop the skills of interpretation of results and provide an understanding of the strengths and limitations of different approaches to research.It is aimed at dental undergraduates, postgraduates and dental practitioners. There is always a quantitative element to research and many people find the numerical aspects of research daunting. This is often because their introduction to the measures most frequently used in research papers is through algebra. For some people, mathematical formulae can obscure rather than clarify simple concepts. It is vital that dentists understand the quantitative aspects of research papers because the fundamental findings of much of the research in dentistry depend on the interpretation of the data. Discussing examples of the use of particular techniques, rather than the algebra that underlies them, can lead to a better understanding of the information conveyed by statistical results.

Evidence-Based Dentistry PDF Free Download, Evidence-Based Dentistry PDF Ebook Free