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Exploring Psychology Tenth Edition PDF

Exploring Psychology Tenth Edition PDF Free Download

Exploring Psychology Tenth Edition PDF Free Download

In the 27 years since Worth Publishers invited me (David Myers) to write this book, so much has changed in the world, in psychology, and within these course resources, across ten editions. With this edition, I continue as lead author while beginning a gradual, decade-long process of welcoming a successor author, the award-winning teacher-scholar-writer Nathan DeWall. Yet across nearly three decades of Exploring Psychology there has also been a stability of purpose: to merge rigorous science with a broad human perspective that engages both mind and heart. We aim to offer a state-of-the-art introduction to psychological science that speaks to students’ needs and interests. We aspire to help students understand and appreciate the wonders of their everyday lives. And we seek to convey the inquisitive spirit with which psychologists do psychology. We are enthusiastic about psychology and its applicability to our lives. Psychological science has the potential to expand our minds and enlarge our hearts.
By studying and applying its tools, ideas, and insights, we can supplement our intuition with critical thinking, restrain our judgmentalism with compassion, and replace our illusions with understanding. By the time students complete this guided tour of psychology, they will also, we hope, have a deeper understanding of our moods and memories, about the reach of our unconscious, about how we flourish and struggle,

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