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Facial Topography PDF

The surface of the face is a roadmap for the underlying anatomy. Anatomy is not arbitrary: structures show a remarkable consistency between individuals. It is the difference in the shapes of facial structures and their relationship to one another that determine the unique and distinct appearance of each individual. This is the premise of Facial Topography: Clinical Anatomy of the Face. The term topography in this context refers to more than a definition of anatomic structures; it encompasses and attempts to define surface landmarks—shapes, contours, creases, and lines—that help to predict the course and location of deeper structures. These shapes are first described as anatomic regions, strictly defined by superficial and deep boundaries. Within each region, anatomic subunits are likewise determined by true anatomic structures. Thus basic concepts and principles of facial anatomy can be developed that will enable us to systematically visualize and analyze the human face. The potential clinical applications of such systematic analysis open exciting and challenging new avenues for exploration: the ability to predict the location of deeper structures based on surface landmarks is invaluable to both aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons. For example, knowledge of the facial fat compartments and how they atrophy not only helps us to understand their role in facial aging but also explains the disease processes of the face. As we refine techniques for facial rejuvenation and reconstruction, developing less-invasive procedures with smaller incisions and with greater reliance on the use of toxins, fillers, and fat for facial shaping, it is essential to fully understand the topography of each patient’s face to determine the optimal anatomic location for surgical manipulation, volume enhancement, and facial contouring.

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