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Family-Centred Perinatal Care PDF

Family-Centred Perinatal Care PDF Free Download

Family-Centred Perinatal Care PDF Free Download

Since childbirth became a medicalized – and usually hospitalized – event a century ago, women’s and families’ psychosocial needs have been relegated to a somewhat peripheral role within the clinically focussed hierarchy of medical care. This text reinstates psychosocial issues as a primary focus of care, together with clinical excellence. Family-centred care is a familiar phrase in today’s maternity services, with professional guidelines and hospital policies including the term in their care protocols; however, few definitions, and no specific standards, for family-centred care exist. While all caregivers and care services are likely to define their care as sensitive to women’s needs, and family-centred, the actual implementation of a family-centred approach – despite it being a current fashion in care – is still inadequate. This book clearly defines family-centred perinatal care, and outlines how truly family-centred care can, and should, be implemented, and how, and where, this has been done.

  • Family-Centred Perinatal Care PDF Free Download,
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  • Family-Centred Perinatal Care PDF
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