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Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care PDF

Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care PDF Free Download: What Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Need to Know

Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care PDF Free Download
Welcome to Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care: A Quick Reference for the Advanced Practice Provider . This book is a very nonexclusive resource for anyone who works in neurocritical care, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and bedside nurses. I would not even be surprised to find it in the hands of a medical student, intern, or resident. If you are reading this book, then you probably already take care of neurology patients. This also means that you already realize that neurology is a challenging specialty. Lack of knowledge regarding how to perform an adequate neurological examination, how to diagnose specific conditions, and, perhaps most importantly, how to treat them, can be dangerous for both the patient and provider. This book will not tell a story.

This book will not provide in-depth anatomy, pathophysiology, or pharmacology. Instead, this book will give you exactly what the title portrays—a quick reference book to give you “fast facts” about commonly seen neurological conditions in the adult critical care setting. You will also receive some pearls of wisdom, some useful tables, and even some scoring guides to help you assess your patients and classify their pathology. This book is best suited for a work bag or office desk to reference when you forget whether seizure prophylaxis is indicated, cannot find your stroke scale booklet, or are unsure which tests you should order during a meningitis workup. I hope it serves you well and that you use it often.

Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care PDF Free Download, Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care PDF Ebook Free