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Fast Facts Heart Failure PDF

Fast Facts Heart Failure PDF Free Download

Fast Facts Heart Failure PDF Free Download

Effective new treatments from drugs to surgery to devices are revolutionizing both outcome and wellbeing in patients with heart failure. Written with the non-specialist in mind, this practical resource distills a lot of complex information into a refreshingly readable format, with clear informative diagrams and useful pull-out tables. Highlights include:

– a concise discussion of the pathophysiological mechanisms that lead to heart failure

– a detailed review of the causes and comorbidities of heart failure

– simple advice on diagnosis and investigation

– clear management principles, including healthy lifestyle choices for patients

– evidence-based guidance on first- and second-line drug therapies and medical management that targets the underlying cause

– a comprehensive overview of non-pharmacological treatment options, including devices and transplantation

– important information on palliative care in end-stage heart failure.

Fast Facts: Heart Failure is the ideal resource for primary care providers, specialist nurses and cardiology trainees, and a good introduction to heart failure for all healthcare professionals who care for the elderly.

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  • Fast Facts Heart Failure PDF
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