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Fifteen Minutes to Freedom PDF

Fifteen Minutes to Freedom PDF Free Download

Fifteen Minutes to Freedom PDF Free Download

Havening Techniques® students, practitioners, and trainers share how this remarkable neuroscience-based tool is helping their clients:

  • dissolve toxic stress;
  • boost positivity and resilience;
  • recover faster from physical, emotional, and psychological challenges;
  • quickly and permanently heal the emotional residue of trauma; and
  • create lives of fulfillment and freedom.

A quiet healing revolution is spreading slowly but surely across the planet.

This revolution is taking place not through the latest discoveries in pharmacology, or through new insights in how to manage symptoms of emotional, physical or psychological dis-ease.

It is taking place one person at a time, through a simple process that uses the power of touch, attention and imagination to heal emotional (and often, physical) pain that has seemed intractable and unresolvable.

This revolution cuts to the core of the cause of much of humanity’s suffering, and provides a simple yet profound cure that literally rests in the palm of our hands.

This book tells the story of this revolution from the perspective of individuals who have devoted their time and energy to learning and sharing this powerful process with the world.

  • Fifteen Minutes to Freedom PDF Free Download,
  • Fifteen Minutes to Freedom Free Ebook,
  • Fifteen Minutes to Freedom PDF
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