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First Aid for the Neurology Boards PDF

First Aid for the Neurology Boards PDF Free Download
First Aid for the Neurology Boards PDF

With First Aid for the Neurology Boards, we hope to provide residents and clinicians with the most useful and up-to-date preparation guide for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) certification and recertification exams. This first edition represents an outstanding effort by a talented group of authors and includes the following: • A practical exam preparation guide with resident-proven test-taking and study strategies • Concise summaries of thousands of board-testable topics • Hundreds of high-yield tables, diagrams, and illustrations • Key facts in the margins highlighting “must know” information for the boards • Mnemonics throughout, making learning memorable and fun We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas to help us improve First Aid for the Neurology Boards. See How to Contribute, p. xiv. To continue to produce a high-yield review source for the ABPN exam, you are invited to submit any suggestions or corrections. Please send us your suggestions for • Study and test-taking strategies for the ABPN • New facts, mnemonics, diagrams, and illustrations • Low-yield topics to remove For each entry incorporated into the next edition, you will personal acknowledgment in the next edition. Diagrams, tables, partial entries, updates, corrections, and study hints are also appreciated, and significant contributions will be compensated at the discretion of the authors. Also let us know about material in this edition that you feel is low yield and should be deleted. The preferred way to submit entries, suggestions, or corrections is via electronic mail. Please include name, address, institutional affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address (if different from the address of origin). If there are multiple entries, please consolidate into a single e-mail or file attachment. Please send submissions to: NOTE TO CONTRIIUTOIS All entries become property of the authors and are subject to editing and reviewing. Please verify all data and spellings carefully. In the event that similar or duplicate entries are received, only the first entry received will be used. Include a reference to a standard textbook to facilitate verification of the fact. Please follow the style, punctuation, and format of this edition if possible.

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