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First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part II PDF

First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part II PDF Free Download

First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part II PDF
 Author Jason E. Portnof and Timothy Leung
File size 2 MB
Year 2010
Pages 239
Language English
Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description
Although the anticipation and uncertainty of stepping into the testing center to
take the Dental Board Exam can be taxing on the mind, it can also take its toll
physically. You should regard nourishment, hydration, and rest equally as important
as being academically prepared. You will enhance and sustain your ability to focus
and perform by providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Eating a balanced meal that consists of protein, complex carbohydrates, fat, and
B vitamins prior to sitting down for the test improves your memory function and
increases your mood.
Proteins—such as eggs,milk products, and nuts—keep your blood sugar steady, a
function of both keeping your brain alert and your hunger satisfied over long periods
of time. Complex carbohydrates (3 g or more per serving) that exist in foods such
as whole grains, oatmeal, legumes, fruits, and vegetables will also help to sustain
your energy. Fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, are important to include in your
pretest meal because they help with blood circulation, memory, and your immune
system. Nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, avocado, and different types of fish are good
sources of Omega-3s. Foods that contain B vitamins, such as whole grains, eggs,
and milk products, are extremely important in maintaining your mental energy.
Combining all these nutrients into a well-balanced meal will allowyou to sustain
your energy and keep you sharp and focused. A breakfast of eggs, cheese, wholegrain
toast, and yogurt will meet all the criteria and carry you through the test;
cottage cheese, fruit, and whole-grain crackers, or a protein smoothie made with
peanut butter, milk, and fruit are also great choices.
During the test, smart snacking will supplement your balanced meal and allow
you to maintain focus. Small snacks containing protein and complex carbohydrates
are your best options: peanut butter on a banana, whole-wheat crackers with cheese,
or cottage cheese and nuts…
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