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Flow Cytometry in Microbiology PDF

Flow Cytometry in Microbiology PDF Free Download

Flow Cytometry in Microbiology PDF Free Download

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique for the rapid analysis of single cells in a mixture. In microbiology, flow cytometry permits the reliable and rapid detection of single or multiple microbes and can provide information about their distribution within cell populations. Flow cytometry may also lead to a faster means of viability counting of microorganisms while, at the same time, enabling a better understanding of all bacterial cells within a given population. Specially adapted commercial cytometers for microbial detection are being developed. In this text, renowned contributors have brought together a wealth of experience demonstrating the power and limitations of flow cytometry as it currently stands in the field of microbiology. The book commences with an overview of flow cytometry by Professor Howard Shapiro, one of the most eminent scientists in the area of flow cytometry. Further chapters discuss: cytometry technology and applications in environmental biotechnology * microbial community fingerprinting * clinical microbiology * lactic acid bacteria * spore forming bacteria * yeasts and fungi * water analysis * chip-based cytometry assays. The final chapter describes the adoption of flow cytometry to routine water quality analysis in Switzerland and provides a fascinating case study of how this emerging microbial technology overcame technical, regulatory, and practical issues to become a standard rapid quality control methodology. The book provides a thorough description of flow cytometry and includes practical and up-to-date information aimed specifically at microbiologists. *** Librarians: ebook available on ProQuest and EBSCO [Subject: Microbiology, Life Science]

  • Flow Cytometry in Microbiology PDF Free Download,
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  • Flow Cytometry in Microbiology PDF
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