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Food Allergy PDF

Food Allergy PDF: Methods of Detection and Clinical Studies

Food Allergy PDF
Author Anas M. Abdel Rahman
File size 9.86 MB
Year 2017
Pages 320
Language English
File format PDF
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This book explores the recent advances and integrations in molecular technology in food research platforms which have revolutionized the way we discover and trace potential allergens in our food and drugs and how we utilize that for diagnosis and management. These different technologies for global allergenomic profiling in different kinds of food are discussed including mass spectrometry chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance. The book also addresses multiomics research with bioinformatics strategies in food allergy in terms of allergen characterization and quantitation and covers applications in food allergy research from discovery to routine analysis.

Food Allergy PDF Food Allergy PDF Free Download Food Allergy PDF Ebook