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Food Safety Handbook PDF

Food Safety Handbook PDF Free Download

Food Safety Handbook PDF Free Download

As with the beginning of the twentieth century, when food safetystandards and the therapeutic benefits of certain foods andsupplements first caught the public’s attention, the dawn ofthe twenty-first century finds a great social priority placed onthe science of food safety. Ronald Schmidt and Gary Rodrick’sFood Safety Handbook provides a single, comprehensive reference onall major food safety issues. This expansive volume covers currentUnited States and international regulatory information, food safetyin biotechnology, myriad food hazards, food safety surveillance,and risk prevention.

Approaching food safety from retail, commercial, andinstitutional angles, this authoritative resource analyzes everystep of the food production process, from processing and packagingto handling and distribution. The Handbook categorizes and definesreal and perceived safety issues surrounding food, providingscientifically non-biased perspectives on issues for professionaland general readers. Each part is divided into chapters, which arethen organized into the following structure: Introduction andDefinition of Issues; Background and Historical Significance;Scientific Basis and Implications; Regulatory, Industrial, andInternational Implications; and Current and Future Implications.Topics covered include:

  • Risk assessment and epidemiology
  • Biological, chemical, and physical hazards
  • Control systems and intervention strategies for reducing riskor preventing food hazards, such as Hazard Analysis CriticalControl Point (HACCP)
  • Diet, health, and safety issues, with emphasis on foodfortification, dietary supplements, and functional foods
  • Worldwide food safety issues, including European Unionperspectives on genetic modification

Food and beverage processors, manufacturers, transporters, andgovernment regulators will find the Food Safety Handbook to be thepremier reference in its field.

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