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Forensic and Legal Dentistry PDF

Forensic and Legal Dentistry PDF Free Download

Forensic and Legal Dentistry PDF Free Download

This book both explains in detail diverse aspects of the law as it relates to dentistry and examines key issues in forensic odontostomatology. A central aim is to enable the dentist to achieve a realistic assessment of the legal situation and to reduce uncertainties and liability risk. To this end, experts from across the world discuss the dental law in their own countries, covering both civil and criminal law and highlighting key aspects such as patient rights, insurance, and compensation. In the section on forensic odontostomatology, extensive guidance is provided on development of the dentition, clinical findings and documentation, personal identification, age estimation, and the nature and significance of bite, tooth, and lip marks. This book will be an invaluable source of information for all who practice in the field of dentistry as well as forensic scientists, lawyers, investigative and identification authorities, criminologists, prosecutors, insurance agents, and students.

  • Forensic and Legal Dentistry PDF Free Download,
  • Forensic and Legal Dentistry Free Ebook,
  • Forensic and Legal Dentistry PDF
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