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Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition PDF

Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition PDF Free Download
[L]ikely to be attractive and helpful to experienced occupational therapists practicing in the vocational rehabilitation field, and particularly those who combine this with medico-legal work. The book’s style is such that it is accessible yet detailed… If you are an occupational therapist working in the tribunal or medico-legal systems, as well as vocational rehabilitation, then this book would be a useful accompaniment to your practice.” — Jain Holmes, British Journal of Occupational Therapy

Bluntly, Robinson’s text offers one of the most important contributions to the field of vocational rehabilitation over the last decade…Robinson and colleagues have created a classic for the field of Rehabilitation Counseling. The book is not sensationalistic, offering a slanted view from a defense or plaintiff perspective, but rather presents information from a non-biased viewpoint. This is the type of book that could be purchased during graduate school and used as a reference point for the practicing professional throughout their career.”–The Rehabilitation Professional

Whether you are new to the field of forensic vocational rehabilitation or a seasoned expert, this text will be an invaluable resource for your library and one that you will use throughout your professional career.”–Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis

The book presents various earning capacity models and explores models of disability and approaches to determining the extent of work disability. There are interesting chapters on job analysis, labor market survey and labor market information, along with an introduction to the U.S. legal system… The book also considers professional standards and ethical issues. Numerous tables and figures help clarify the content and the book is well referenced… This book presents both theoretical and practical information, making it useful for novice clinicians as well as seasoned veterans.” Score: 95, 4 Stars.–Doody’s Medical Reviews

This is the first fundamental text to focus specifically on forensic vocational rehabilitation, a field that is forecast to grow rapidly. Forensic vocational rehabilitation consultants evaluate the vocational and rehabilitation needs of individuals in an array of legal settings such as civil litigation, workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, and others. The text is unique in its exploration of the vocational rehabilitation process from a biopsychosocial perspective that views disability as a complex and multidimensional construct. The book comprehensively describes the parameters and theoretical issues of relevance in evaluating and developing opinions in forensically oriented matters. It culls and synthesizes current peer-reviewed literature and research on this private subspecialty practice area of rehabilitation counseling, including theories, models, methods, procedures, and fundamental tenets of the field. Also included is current information about the labor market, life care planning, and professional identity, standards, and ethics.

The text is designed for graduate and postgraduate students in rehabilitation counseling and psychology as well as practicing forensic vocational rehabilitation consultants and professionals moving toward practice in this arena. Chapters are authored by noted scholars or published practitioners in each subject area, and include an introduction to the content area, discussion of key terminology and concepts, and a review of the current and historical literature, with emphasis toward future research needs and evidence-based practice. The book fulfills the requirement by the Commission on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) for training in this subject area at the graduate level for new certification or certification maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Comprises the only foundational text to focus specifically on forensic vocational rehabilitation
  • Synthesizes peer-reviewed research into one authoritative source
  • Describes the role, function, and scope of practice of the rehabilitation counselor in private forensic vocational rehabilitation practice
  • Fulfills CORE requirements for certification

  • Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
  • Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition Free Ebook,
  • Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation 1st Edition PDF
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