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Fundamental Medical Mycology PDF

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Fundamental Medical Mycology PDF

RATIONALE FOR THIS TEXT Medical mycology is a distinct subspecialty of medical microbiology and infectious disease. The field has progressed along with advances in both disciplines, informed by new knowledge from general mycology, immunology, and molecular biology. This textbook aspires to integrate that knowledge. It is designed to function as a reference work for the clinical microbiology laboratory, a textbook for a course in medical mycology, and for independent reading and reference by physicians and research microbiologists. Textbooks in medical mycology are few in number and those that exist are, by-and-large, outdated. The text’s scope is balanced between medical and microbiologic knowledge of the fungi pathogenic for humans. It is designed to accompany an upper level course in medical mycology, e.g., a six-week elective consisting of twelve 2-hour lectures. The material is sufficiently detailed so that it may also be presented as a semester course. The chapters are organized by disease and contain numerous illustrations and one-to-three case presentations. A series of questions is appended at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning. The text is annotated with an extensive glossary. The bibliography emphasizes selected references. The text assumes no prior knowledge of mycology but assumes a foundation in modern biology and medical microbiology. SCOPE OF FUNDAMENTAL MEDICAL MYCOLOGY Three cross-cutting chapters are followed by 19 diseasespecific chapters. The introductory chapter is designed to orient the reader to the spectrum of fungal diseases, taxonomy within the fungal kingdom, reproduction of fungi, the composition of the fungal cell, primary and opportunistic pathogens, and determinants of pathogenicity. The second chapter presents a systematic treatment of laboratory diagnostic methods in medical mycology, including morphologic, genetic, and nonculture methods. That chapter is structured and annotated for ease of use. This is followed by a chapter introducing antifungal therapy. The antifungal agents in current use are discussed with regard to their action spectrum and applications in clinical medicine. This is followed by a subchapter on the specialized subject of antifungal susceptibility tests. These chapters set the stage for the disease-specific chapters which focus with greater granularity on the pertinent laboratory diagnostic methods and therapy.

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