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Fundamentals of Pathology – pathoma 2018 PDF

Fundamentals of Pathology - pathoma 2018 PDF
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Fundamentals of Pathology – pathoma 2018 PDF Free Download

This work is intended as a review for students during their preclinical years and while preparing for examinations, such as the USMLEm. To this effect, the organization of this book follows that of most primary texts in the field and parallels the syllabus used in pathophysiology courses in medical schools throughout the United States. Ample space is provided for students to make notes during course study and while viewing the online videos that cover each section of the text ( We recommend that students use Fundamentals of Pathology during their medical courses, taking notes in the margin as pertinent topics are covered. When exam time comes around, these notes will likely be invaluable. For examination preparation, we suggest students read the material first, then listen to the online lecture, and then reread the material to develop a solid grasp of each topic. One should not become disheartened if they are not able to retain all the information contained herein. This deceptively slim volume covers a tremendous amount of material, and repetition will be a key aid as you progress in your studies. An effort has been made to emphasize concepts and principles over random facts, the forest rather than the trees. Attention to the same by the student will provide a deeper, more meaningful understanding of human disease. We must always remind ourselves that ultimately our goal is to learn, to share, and to serve. Fundamentals of Pathology was developed with this goal in mind.

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