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Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition PDF

Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Newly revised and expanded, this clinically oriented text provides the essential information needed to understand periodontal diseases and deliver effective treatment. Written in a user-friendly style, it thoroughly explains the biology of the periodontium in health and disease, gives detailed instructions on patient examination, and discusses various local and systemic risk factors. Actual case scenarios illustrate how to interpret clinical evidence, make a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan for the most common forms of disease. Six chapters are devoted to implant therapy, and four others address adjunct treatment procedures that may be needed to enhance periodontal health. With color images throughout, this textbook is as valuable a resource for general practitioners and dental hygienists as it is for students.




Basic Terms and Classification of Diseases

PART I: Essential Information for Clinical Decision Making

1 The Pathogenesis of Periodontitis

2 The Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases

3 Anatomy of the Periodontium

4 Histopathology of Periodontal Diseases

5 Microbiology and Etiology of Periodontal Diseases

6 The Biochemistry and Physiology of Periodontal Connective Tissues

7 The Physiology of Bone

8 Immune Responses in Periodontal Diseases

9 Inflammatory Response in Periodontal Diseases

10 Aging of the Periodontium

11 Genetics and Periodontal Diseases

12 Tobacco Use and Its Relation to Periodontal Diseases

13 Endocrine Disorders

14 Other Systemic Modifiers

15 Systemic Effects of Periodontal Diseases

16 Infection Control and Personnel Safety

17 Examination of Patients to Detect Periodontal Diseases

18 Radiography in Periodontal Assessments

19 Supplemental Diagnostics for the Assessment of Periodontal Diseases

PART II: Clinical Management of the Periodontal Patient in Health and Disease

20 Making a Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

21 The Healthy Patient

22 Treating Dental Plaque Induced Gingivitis

23 Treating Chronic Periodontitis with Early or Moderate Attachment Loss

24 Treating Aggressive Forms of Periodontal Disease with Severe Bone Loss

25 Host Modifying Therapeutics

26 Re-Treatment

27 Referrals to Specialists

28 Periodontal Maintenance

29 Lesions in the Oral Mucous Membranes and Periodontium

PART III: Restorative and Esthetic Treatment Aspects of Periodontal Therapy

30 Periodontal Health and Restorative Procedures

31 Occlusal Trauma: Effects and Management

32 Esthetic Periodontics (Periodontal Plastic Surgery)

33 Orthodontics and the Periodontium

PART IV: Dental Implants

34 The Biology of Implant Dentistry

35 Treatment Planning for Implant Surgery

36 Radiography in Dental Implant Assessment

37 Implant Surgery

38 Restorative Procedures Following Implant Placement

39 Advanced Implant Placement

Appendix 1 Health History

Appendix 2 Premedication


  • Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download,
  • Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition Free Ebook,
  • Fundamentals of Periodontics 2nd Edition PDF
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