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Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology 3rd Edition PDF

Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Treatment with drugs is fundamental to modern therapy ofpsychiatric disorders. The number of disorders responsive to drugtreatment is increasing, reflecting the extensive synthesis ofnovel compounds and the greater understanding of the aetiology ofthe disorders.

This third edition provides new and updated material, includingan additional chapter on clinical trials and their importance inassessing the efficacy and safety of psychotropic drugs. Asmolecular biology and imaging techniques are of increasingimportance to basic and clinical neuroscience, these areas havealso been extended to illustrate their relevance to ourunderstanding of psychopharmacology.

This book is essential reading for undergraduates inpharmacology and the neurosciences, postgraduateneuropharmacologists, psychiatrists in training and in practice andmedical researchers.

Reviews of the Second Edition

“…this text is eminently readable, well researched, andprobably the best of its kind.

The book is well worth buying and anyone who claims to knowanything about psychopharmacology will be expected to have aheavily annotated copy.” Irish Journal of PsychologicalMedicine

“…[this is] a very good book, especially suited to thoseinterested in psychopharmacologic research and psychiatricresidency in training.” Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy


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