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Genetics in Dentistry PDF

Genetics in Dentistry PDF Free Download

Genetics in Dentistry PDF Free Download

Genetics in Dentistry’ is the first of its kind of effort that would enable to students as well as practitioners to understand the nuances of genetics involved in dental practice. All dentistry related chapters have been extensively researched and referenced for better orientation of recent scientific advancements and would be immensely helpful for postgraduate students writing their thesis. TABLE OF CONTENTS: SECTION 1: ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN GENETICS; 1. Introduction and Mendels Laws of Inheritance; 2. Chromosomes and their Classification; 3. Structure of DNA and RNA; 4. Structure and Function of Genes; 5. Chromosomal Anomalies; 6. Patterns of Inheritance and Disorders of Genes; 7. Genetics of Immunity; 8. Molecular Control of Development; SECTION 2: GENETICS IN DENTISTRY; 9. Methods of Genetic Analysis; 10. Genetics of Developmental Disorders of Teeth; 11. Genetics of Craniofacial Disorders and Syndromes; 12. Genetics of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate; 13. Genetics of Dental Caries; 14. Genetics of Periodontitis; 15. Genetics of Malocclusion;; 16. Genetics of Cancer; SECTION 3: ADVANCEMENTS IN GENETICS; 17. Gene Therapy in Dentistry; 18. Techniques Used in Genetics.

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