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Geriatric Psycho-Oncology PDF

Geriatric Psycho-Oncology PDF Free Download

Geriatric Psycho-Oncology PDF Free Download

Geriatric Psycho-Oncology is a comprehensive handbook that provides best practice models for the management of psychological, cognitive, and social outcomes of older adults living with cancer and their families. Chapters cover a wide range of topics including screening tools and interventions, psychiatric emergencies and disorders, physical symptom management, communication issues, and issues specific to common cancer sites. A resource section is appended to provide information on national services and programs. This book features contributions from experts designed to help clinicians review, anticipate and respond to emotional issues that often arise in the context of treating older cancer patients. Numerous cross-references and succinct tables and figures make this concise reference easy to use. Geriatric Psycho-Oncology is an ideal resource for helping oncologists and nurses recognize when it may be best to refer patients to their mental health colleagues and for those who are establishing or adding psychosocial components to existing clinics.

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