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Get Through DCH Clinical 2nd Edition PDF

The Diploma in Child Health (DCH) is an extremely useful qualification. Paediatrics forms a significant proportion of daily consultations in general practice and of the RCGP core curriculum. We recommend undertaking the DCH to all GPs and GP trainees to enhance your paediatric knowledge and skills for community practice. This book is a revision aid to help you prepare for the DCH clinical examination. It includes a wide range of clinical scenarios and cases for you to practise.
GP trainees may also find this book and preparation for the DCH examination helpful when preparing for the clinical skills assessment for the MRCGP. We hope that this book will help you prepare for the exam and understand that children are not little adults, but they are not little terrors either!
Paediatrics forms a significant proportion of daily consultations in general practice, with almost 30% of an average general practice population comprising of children. A holistic approach to child health is essential, because general practitioners (GPs) are not only responsible for the acute and chronic conditions, but also child development, health promotion, screening programmes and child protection. GPs must be able to work with the numerous agencies now involved in the multidisciplinary approach to childcare and to recognize when to seek assistance from the appropriate agency. The DCH examination This diploma assesses all spheres of paediatric care and passing the diploma demonstrates that the doctor has achieved the appropriate level of competency to carry out their responsibilities to children. It is geared towards GPs or GP trainees, and the scenarios generally refer to the candidate as a GP. The DCH examination is set by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and consists of two parts: Part 1 is a multiple choice paper called the MRCPCH Part 1A, which consists of multiple true/false questions, best of five questions and extended matching questions.

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