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Glenn’s Urologic Surgery 7th Edition PDF

Glenn’s Urologic Surgery 7th Edition PDF Free Download
Glenn’s Urologic Surgery 7th Edition PDF

In 1969 when the First Edition of Urologic Surgery was published, the avowed purpose of the work was to present authoritative expositions of various surgical procedures, authored by acknowledged experts in the field. It was the conviction of the editors that there were atlases and textbooks that presented urology well, but there were no volumes on surgical technique, and that urology is—first and foremost—a surgical specialty. In developing that initial effort, I was joined (and guided) by my good friend and wise mentor William H. Boyce, superb clinician, outstanding scientist, and master surgeon. Between us, we were able to recruit some of the most respected urologic surgeons to contribute to the volume. Over the years, that tradition has continued, and I am forever grateful to all of my colleagues who have given of their time, talent, and expertise to the several iterations of this book. Having observed my 81st birthday and retired from active clinical practice, I recognize that the time has come to pass the responsibility to others, and I happily do so. Two friends—Sam D. Graham Jr., MD, Director of the Johns Cancer Center in Richmond, Virginia, and Thomas E. Keane, MD, Chairman of Urology at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston—have already demonstrated their proficiency in co-editing previous editions. Both Dr. Graham and Dr. Keane are products of the Duke system, as I am. As our French friends say, “Vive urologie!” Dr. Glenn had high expectations of his staff and residents, and though all of us on occasion did not meet his expectations, after his expression of displeasure, the incident was forgiven, and he never carried a grudge. His ultimate goal was to instill a compulsion for excellence, which he taught by example. Finally, he lived a life that was based on principles and was unwilling to compromise those principles for political expediency. His principles were truth and excellence. He was a perpetual student; when confronted with a challenge, he gathered all the data, made a decision based on his principles, and stuck to his decision. There were no gray areas, and he never compromised his core principles. If he was assured of the rightness of his position, he delivered the message regardless of the political consequences. Although he usually tried to convince people with his great sense of humor and intelligence, in the end he remained steadfast in his beliefs. Many others would have taken the easier road, but Jim Glenn was not an ordinary man, and for that reason he will forever be a guide in our lives. Jim Glenn was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on May 10, 1928. He attended the local university school for the first 12 years of his education and then entered the University of Rochester, where he received a BA degree in 3 years.

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