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Global Mental Health Trials PDF

Global Mental Health Trials PDF Free Download

Global Mental Health Trials PDF Free Download

Global mental health is a dynamic field of global health; a core aspect of the story which has led to its emergence has been the conduct of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating innovative delivery systems of packages of care for mental disorders in low-resource settings. Global Mental Health Trials brings together many of the world’s leading researchers active in the fields of RCTs in low- and medium-resource counties and settings related to improving mental health care. It presents clear and practical information about how to conduct such trials in these settings, along with critical methodological and ethical issues related to such trials, learning from the positive and negative experiences of expert scientists in many counties worldwide who have completed such trials. This book serves as a valuable resource for practitioners in mental health – psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses nursing, psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists – as well as researchers in the areas of psycho-social treatments in mental health, mental health services research, and programme and systems evaluation.

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  • Global Mental Health Trials PDF
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