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Going Paperless PDF Free Download

Going Paperless PDF Free Download

Like other highly successful real estate agents, Tyler Smith was being buried by the endless cycle of paperwork. It was limiting the growth of his business. He experimented with all of the transaction management platforms on the market, but none worked very well. So he built SkySlope, which is transforming companies workflows from paper to paperless and even dramatically improving firms that are already on a paperless platform.
SkySlope began growing organically by word of mouth. Now it serves subscribers across the United States. SkySlope has a significant leg up on all of its competitors because it is customized to meet the particular needs and wants of every brokerage since each one runs its business differently. It constantly uses input from subscribers to devise innovative features. SkySlope is also a great aid in helping agents and brokers conform to legal and regulatory requirements and best practices. SkySlope is the Apple of paperless platforms, declared one of the country s top real estate brokers.
In Going Paperless: Taking Real Estate into the 21st Century, Tyler Smith shows how SkySlope is paving the way for the future of the real estate industry.

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