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Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition PDF

Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Modern Hair Restoration by Dr. Parsa Mohebi Modern Hair Restoration is an authoritative guide on treatments for the most common patterns of hair loss. The book answers many questions relating to hair loss and the most successful techniques used to treat it. Modern Hair Restoration is a one of a kind guide which offers a comprehensive analysis of modern hair loss treatment options for both men and women. The book evaluates the pros and cons for different types of options so that you can select a course of treatment that is best for you. Some of the most popular treatment options that are covered in this book include the following. Surgical options: Strip Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Scalp Scar Revision Body and Facial Hair Transplant Non-Surgical Options: Finasteride Rogaine Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Concealers or Cover Ups Although deciding to get a hair transplant is a very important life decision, it is only the first step. After reading this book, you will know the most important questions to ask your hair transplant doctor so you get the most out of your consultation. You will learn about effective hair loss medications used to control hair loss. The book also offers in depth coverage of post surgical treatments used to accelerate healing in the weeks and months after a transplant. The book helps you along your journey as you learn about important milestones in your recovery. It also details effective treatments for common complications that could occur after a hair transplant. In this book, you will learn about the latest advances in modern hair restoration which have helped patients achieve results they have never dreamed of before.

  • Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition PDF Free Download,
  • Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition Free Ebook,
  • Hair Loss and Restoration 2nd Edition PDF
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